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Juniper RingMaster Software employs wizards that enable network administrators to quickly plan, configure and deploy a wireless network comprising hundreds of WLC Series controllers and thousands of WLA Series access points indoors and outdoors.


For large deployments RingMaster is also available as a WLM1200 Management Appliance. And in the very largest enterprises with multiple large sites, information from multiple RingMaster instances can be aggregated using the RingMaster Global software.


The WLM1200 is also available as a Location Appliance that continuously gathers and computes positioning data for any type of active Wi-Fi device.

Juniper SmartPass software enables Guest Access that is easy to administer from the front desk, and enforces location based access control and much more, by tapping into network intelligence and positioning data available through RingMaster and the Location Appliance.


Trapeze networks WLAN Controllers - MX 2800

WLC 2800



Trapeze networks WLAN Controllers - MX 2800

WLM 1200

WLA Series Wireless LAN Access Points provide indoor or outdoor 802.11a/b/g/n connectivity for a variety of situations and installation sizes. All WLA Series products provide the bandwidth controls and performance to service demanding mobility applications, such as voice and video over wireless.

Trapeze networks WLAN Controllers - MX 2800

WLA 432


Key Features:

  • Encryption and access security
  • Client load balancing
  • QoS and bandwidth management
  • Spectrum and location scanning
  • Wireless intrusion prevention
  • Seamless, identity-based roaming across the network
  • User-centric security with application-specific QoS profiles
  • Single-console management for all controllers
  • Advanced VOIP provisioning and management
  • Nonstop wireless availability for sessions


Configured and controlled by Juniper WLC Wireless LAN controllers, all WLA Series access points can offload the controllers by inspecting and forwarding traffic, performing encryption and enforcing security locally at the access point. This results in optimised traffic flows, radically reduced latency, and massive scalability.


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